Thursday, August 24, 2006

AFN-Korea.... doing it LIVE!!

Oh wow! Has the last few weeks been a blur. Change of command, getting housing, meeting all the great people who serve here, meeting old friends, Unit's awesome!

But tonight is a special treat. As you know, we here at AFNK (American Forces Network - Korea) normally do a nightly broadcast, but that broadcast is normally taped.

Tonight, for the first time in more than five years, we're doing it live! I'm watching the folks practice right now. I have a box on my desk that allows me to watch the various channels, listen to all the different detachments' radio programs, etc.

The sergeant major and I have arranged for pizza/drinks after the event tonight to celebrate. I sent out an "all hands" email today to tell everyone how proud I am of them..whether they are the budget folks or the broadcasters, they all had a part in making this great comeback for our network.

The reason we're going live is because that's what we're supposed to be doing in wartime: live TV and radio broadcasting. We've gotten away from the TV part of it because, well...because of a lot of reasons, but those don't matter now.

I couldn't be more proud of these guys.

I owe you all some pictures...