Monday, July 23, 2007

Now that I'm in command...

So back in 2004 when I was at Fort Irwin, the garrison commander wanted the staff to take pictures for a photo board. You've seen this before; where everyone has the dull look of a trapped animal. I figured I would do something a little different and had a nice photo taken of me outside my building...sitting on my new Harley. Nothing crazy, no gang signs, etc. Well, the command flipped out and made me change the photo.

I always thought: what better way to show that your unit is somewhere where people want to work than to have a little fun with these photos? I mean, in many cases, it's the first indicator that anyone sees about your unit's personality.

So fast forward three years...I'm in command of my own unit, and guess what? We're going to do a photo board. Well, I gave some initial guidance, my NCOs are putting this thing together and I told everyone they can submit "candid" photos.

I went ahead and set the example, finally getting to do the picture I wanted to do three years ago.