Monday, November 20, 2006

Name dropping is such a vulgar thing...

As I was telling the Sergeant Major of the Army yesterday when he stopped by.

One of the better perks of the job is that our service members get to meet lots of VIPs. We conducted a tv interview, three spots with the SMA and a live radio show, and of course, we're all proud of the job our folks did.

Check out the photos on:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Change in Congress: maybe not.

Maybe I’m more Polly-annish about the Democrat’s control of the House and Senate than most, but here’s my call for the next few months.

Some radical democrats will take this win as an opportunity to claim that it’s time to bring all the troops home no matter the cost…and a few weeks later, cooler heads will prevail and you’ll start to see more and more Democrats saying something like, “yeah, we need to come quickly, but we can’t abandon those Iraqis to whom we made promises…even if it wasn’t right to make those promises in the first place.”

You know what’s weird? Few people remember than George Bush, while a presidential candidate in 2000, criticized Clinton for “nation building” in Bosnia and promised what? He promised to “bring the troops home” from Bosnia. Shortly after the election, cooler administration heads prevailed and troop cuts were limited and somewhat postponed...which was the right thing to do.

Today the right thing to do is to keep troops over there. Okay, maybe we should adapt our focus in different ways to keep up with the changing situation…as WE ALWAYS DO during any mission. This is where the media loses friends: when they want to keep pointing to any change of mission and shouting, “A-HA…FAILURE!” Holy cow, I always thought that’s one of the things I got paid to do: use my judgment to make changes as the situation progressed.

Maybe this is what happens…two years go by…the dems have made no real changes or proposals in our Iraq strategy…and this increases the chance of a republican being elected president?

The bottom line? Don’t hold your breath waiting for real troop cuts in Iraq despite all the rhetoric from the party that controls Congress.