Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why the Mainstream Media lose trust, viewers and readers

I don't know who hasn't heard by now about the recent back-and-forth between Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" and Jim Cramer of CNBC. Mr. Cramer has a show entitled "Mad Money with Jim Cramer"

Here's how the media covered the spat between the two gentlemen.

Mr. Cramer put his head in the proverbial lion's mouth by being a guest on "The Daily Show". He apparently didn't catch on when Mr. Stewart had the entire episode set aside for this one guest, and I guess he thought that he had already seen every video clip of himself that Jon Stewart had.

He was wrong... comically, pathetically, sadly, wrong.

But the greater sadness is having to ask the question, "why does it take a comedy show to ask the tough questions about the financial mess?" Why is Jon Stewart the only guy who will say to someone like Jim Cramer, "It's like this is a big joke to you ... and it's not f#$%-ing funny".

Worst of all, why does the mainstream media, whose supposedly has the mission to "comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable" choose to cover the fight between these two, and not the reason for the fight in the first place?

Here's how the Jim Cramer Hindenburg crashed on The Daily Show....


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