Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on the USFK Curfew...

Here's the actual link to the official policies on Curfew & Driving

So here's a little more of what we do here at AFN Korea. Our folks cut this within a few hours yesterday, after the USFK Commander and Command Sergeant Major came in to talk about the new policy.

I don't feel the command is going to make a decision in the next 6 months based on a certain cut-off point. By that I mean, I don't think that "X" number of incidents will result in the policy being rescinded, OR that "only a few" will mean that the policy will be continued or expanded.

If it were me, I'd certainly be making my decision based on how serious any incidents were, did they involve local nationals, etc. etc. A couple of GIs beating each other up at 0230 isn't going to make me think this is a bad policy...beating up an old Korean woman is a different story.

That's one major difference between the American & Korean cultures: the Koreans are more likely to see you as a rep for your entire culture. Americans found it hard to understand, for example, why Koreans apologized for the VA tech shooting.

I don't think Americans in general, and younger Americans in particular, understand that part of the culture and why things that we do here are "different" than the same stuff at, say, Fort Bragg.

Of course, maybe they do, and they just think it's unfair and shouldn't be that way.

Your thoughts?



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