Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What does Cindy say about her Boy-Toy Hugo now?

Ironically enough, Cindy was only able to become as well-known as she did in a country that has freedom of the press. Only here was she able to criticize the government and the president and enjoy the complete support of the national media.

Her pal, Hugo Chavez, has a different opinion about what to do with the media when they support those that criticize the government...good thing Cindy only had good things to say about him, huh?

Maybe she'd be happier if President Bush stopped "trying awful hard to catch up with killing innocent Iraqis" and started cracking down on the national media.

Or maybe she'll just be happier not being the self-proclaimed "face of the antiwar movement" anymore.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous eric said...

Hello. I wish you much safety, and am grateful for your service.

I am the son of a military man, and possess a deep respect and admiration for the soldiers, and their mission.

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