Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Big hat tips to "Pass the Brass" and "Pat Dollard" for finding this:

Evan Sayet lays out what makes the modern liberal mind tick. It's long (more than 30 mins, they leave 13 mins at the end for questions) but well worth a listen.

Sample: “There is no journalistic standard, none, zero, zilch, by which the misdeeds of a handful of night guards at an obscure prison for terrorists - misdeeds in which nobody was killed, nobody was seriously hurt - there is no journalistic standard by which this is a front page story in the New York Times. Much less for two days in a row. Five days in a row. Ten days in a row. Twenty days in…forty four straight days this non-story was a front page story in the New York Times. Why? Because while it met no journalistic standard, it met the one and only modern liberal standard. It said, “Do you think America’s good? We found something that’s gonna make you not believe that any longer.”

Evan Sayet - Writer, Lecturer and Pundit


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