Friday, March 23, 2007

Joint Forces Command takes a tip from CENTCOM

Well, I got the weirdest email a few days ago...It was weird because I'm already an Army Public Affairs Officer.

I am a military journalist with U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) inNorfolk, Va. I would like you to link your main site to our Web Bloggers, newsgroups and all the elements of Web 2.0represent the future of mass communication and the best opportunity totell the military's story. Your site is an important link in this newchain of communication.USJFCOM is one of the nation's nine unified commands and is theDepartment of Defense's executive agent for military transformation.Transformation is the future of the military, and we are the fluxcapacitor that makes it possible.

(Edited for brevity)
Thank you for your time,Spc. Andrew Orillion, USJFCOM public affairs

Well, SPC Orillion, I'm happy to help out. I'm also happy to see that US Joint Forces Command is following in CENTCOM's footsteps and reaching out to military bloggers all over.


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