Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The mess at Walter Reed

There's a world of difference between LTG Kiley and MG Weightman it appears.

Well, unfortunately it's not surprising. Anyone who's in the Army right now and NOT in Iraq or Afghanistan knows exactly what the rest of the Army is going through. We're all being told, "not one more dollar for anything,". Hiring freezes, spending caps... anyone knows the situation that MG Weightman was in: "Do your increasingly complex mission with not one more dollar or person".

If I were in charge of WRAMC, and I had to choose between life-saving medical care and equipment for the returning soldiers, or better conditions for the Med-hold company, well, that's not really much of a choice, is it?

Now, just back away from the keyboard for a second :) I'm ABSOLUTELY agreeing the conditions were terrible, they weren't fair to those that sacrificed so much for our country, and they weren't what's expected of our Army. Yes, we should be embarrassed and ashamed that those Soldiers, and worse their families, had to endure a single day of that. That's all entirely true.

What I'm saying is that most likely scenario for Weightman is that he was given two losing choices; he just chose the least terrible of the two.

I'm waiting for some evidence of congressional irresponsibility to appear...perhaps the records of those that voted against spending increases for things like, well, medical hold facilities.
This is when we see that, for many, "supporting the troops" means something entirely different than what you and I think it means. You and I think it means making sure troops have what they need to do their job, and what they need to care for those that did their job. Apparently for some it means, "I'm going to disagree with the war but I don't want to make the rank and file angry".

Well, too late for that. They're already angry and they already realize they're not being supported. Now, everyone else is starting to realize it also.


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