Thursday, February 01, 2007

Islamic Terrorists don't understand the "lame duck" concept apparently

Well, I'm already tired of the MSM harping about how President Bush is a lame duck with no chance of getting anything done. I'm even more tired of the 2008 presidential race already in full swing.

An interesting side note: I thought it was ironic that Joe Biden had to apologize for "racially insensitive" remarks. Of course, with him being a democrat, it will all blow over because people will realize "that's not really him". I mean, who still remembers when CA Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante meant to say "negro" and actually said "nigger" in a public speech? That "controversy" lasted a few days and then, he too, got a pass from Jesse Jackson and everyone else. Biden's slip will be no different...let's face it, he's not a republican so his words never reflect the actual person.

Which is why we find it hard to believe democrats on anything. Fortunately for us, Islamic terrorists don't have any problem believing that President Bush means what he says when he talks about putting more troops on the ground to secure Baghdad.

And that's the real difference between Bush and Clinton...Clinton said whatever he thought people wanted him to believe....Bush says whatever he believes no matter what people think.

General: Shiite Militia Leaders Leaving Baghdad Strongholds
By Thomas E. Ricks, Washington Post Staff Writer

Shiite militia leaders already appear to be leaving their strongholds in Baghdad in anticipation of the U.S. and Iraqi plan to increase the troop presence in the Iraqi capital, according to the top U.S. commander in the country.

"We have seen numerous indications Shia militia leaders will leave, or already have left, Sadr City to avoid capture by Iraqi and coalition security forces," Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said in a written statement submitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee as part of his confirmation hearing today to be Army chief of staff.

Casey, who has been the senior U.S. military officer in Iraq since summer 2004, also stated that as part of the campaign to improve security in Baghdad, he expects that U.S. troops will be stationed in Sadr City with Iraqi army and national police units. U.S. plans call for five combat brigades, or about 17,500 troops, to move into Baghdad over the next four months and help occupy about 35 outposts across the city.

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