Friday, May 18, 2007

Cops bust Soldier's ribs: incident "still under investigation"

Doc in the box has the story about an Army Soldier receiving three broken ribs from police at the airport in Las Vegas.

All this apparently over a water bottle, that eventually cause the Soldier to miss his plane. When the Soldier went back to speak to a supervisor, the cops apparently decided they didn't have to give him any answer that didn't involve electricity.

Sgt Mark T. England of the US Army National Guard was a medic getting ready to deploy forward with his unit when the March 10th incident happened at the McCarren International Airport in Las Vagas. Mark was tased 3 times and beat with night clubs by 2 Las Vagas police officers the second video is shot it from a different angle and shows another police officer joking and making kicking motions with a TSA agent. When it was all done and over with Mark was left with bruses all over his body, 3 fractured ribs and questions. Two months later, still no charges were filed against him and he been unable to deploy due to his injuries.

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At 12:20 PM, Blogger j england said...

Update on Sgt. Mark England, my husband, my soldier~

We received some very disturbing news this evening from Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.

Sheriff DOUG GILLESPIE & his Internal Affairs Lieutenant,
LT. MICHAEL DALLEY have informed us in writing (letter copy below) that the officer's who BEAT, TASED (3 TIMES), LAUGHED AT AND MIMICKED MY SOLDIER, have been completely EXONERATED and Lt. DALLEY went on further to say that what these officers did to my Soldier was QUOTE 'JUSTIFIED, LAWFUL & PROPER'.

How can these hierarchies of Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. watch the same videos we all have, listen to the same audio we all have, and come to this conclusion.

Please, I am asking you all to please look at these newscast/videos again, listen to the audio (links all posted below) and then read the letter from Sheriff Doug Gillespies' office and tell us what you think.

I am asking you to please stand with us and not accept this. We need your help to spread the word, please update anything you have helped us write about this with this new information. If you should need any other info, please email me and I will gladly provide it. We will also post this information in our blog area!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support! Love you guys.

This is a complete outrage. Words cannot describe our disgust with this police dept.

Here are the newscast links~

The letter from Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.can be viewed here~

Judge for yourselves.....


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