Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Worldwide D&D Games Day

Okay, here's our standard announcement: A buddy of mine and I decided to take this on this year.

Be one of the first in Korea to play the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons!
June 7th is Worldwide D&D Game Day, and we are looking for players.
This year’s adventure is “Into the Shadowhaunt” and is open to any ID card holder, 18 yrs or older, with access to US military bases in Korea.

Interested? Email: Michael.lawhorn@us.army.mil

and please include: Your name, email address, and your nearest military base. A contact phone number would be great.

Please mention if you are interested in DM-ing this year’s adventure. DMs will get in advance the adventure, dice, figures, a full-color map and everything to run a game. We only need 1 DM and 4-6 players for each group and can easily support multiple groups.

Let us know if you are willing to be your base’s coordinator. We need help getting the adventures handed out and organizing where people can play.

Tell your friends the deadline is 25 May, so email soon.


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