Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nice Moves ... Unless you're Charles Woods and Sons

Well, three moving days down and one to go. I finished scrubbing the stove so that it's so clean you could eat...well, you know.

Our neighbors are gone but left us their place, so we have somewhere to eat, hang out, and of course, blog. It's definitely the people who make this job what it is. Yeah, we're leaving town ... here's the keys to our place ... lock up when you're done.

We also said goodbye to Chuck/Laurel, two of our very good friends. They're on their way to Hawaii. Chuck's always been a guy willing to take one for the team. He takes command the same day I do, only of some sort of engineering directorate down there. One officer and a hundred civilians....yow!

Fortunately this time we have two very good moving companies. We have two because more than half our stuff is going into long-term storage, whilst the rest heads to Yongsan. We've been very happy with both crews, unlike when we came here. The guys have worked hard and been great.

The transportation officer (a civilian) stopped by again today to see how it was going. We talked about one of the moving companies, Charles Woods and Sons, who moved us here. He was telling us that they've been trying to get this company off the approved list of movers, but too many people who lodge complaints fail to follow through with official letters. This keeps the transportation office from being able to go to the contracting office and saying, "what the hell, over?" Apparently, whenever there's a complaint, someone gets a check from the company and magically, there's never any letter. The contracting office won't stop dealing with these people because they're the lowest bidder.

Guess who just got the "exclusive" contract to move all the folks on post to the new housing just being built? Yeah, you guessed it.

Personally, I told the transportation office I didn't want these guys moving me. I wasn't here when we moved in, but my wife was explaining that when they showed up at the door she said, "Hey, how are you?" to which they replied, "well, that depends, we haven't had any good tippers yet today, but maybe things will get better."

Then they spent the day mostly gawking at my 11-year old daughter. She decided later to let our German Shepherd "accidentally" get in the house to give these guys a scare.

Anyway, one more day of moving tomorrow and my final house clearing inspection. Thank god they're tearing out the insides of these cleaning crews required...hoody hoo!!


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