Friday, June 16, 2006

Catching up and moving on.

Whew! It has been a while and it's time to catch up.

First of all, I'm late to the party on the fund raising for Project Valour IT. This is the project that provides voice activated software and laptops to wounded service members. The fund raising drive ends today, but I'm sure they'll always take a donation. Check out the link below:

Well, I left Fox News a few weeks ago and moved to the Defense Information School to start the Broadcast Management Course. Only a few days to go, one briefing left, and it's back to Brooklyn to round up the family and head out to Indiana. Maybe the Army will actually give me official orders at some point to allow my family to actually travel! You would think that this isn't rocket science, but apparently it is. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great individual people who are working hard to make this happen, but the system...ah, the system.

I'm not complaining...especially after reading this heart-wrenching story about a young Marine. This is why I'm in the military and love soldiers. Thanks to BlackFive for these...

On the other hand, I saw 1st lt. Ehren Watada on Dayside today, talking about why he is refusing to deploy to Iraq. Someone not happy with Fox is here .

Fort Meade has been great. I've gotten to see three soldiers with whom I was in Kosovo in 98. One former Specialist (the rank of E4) who was on our Public Affairs Detachment is now a Staff Sergeant and an instructor here at DINFOS. He has also been selected for Sergeant First Class (E7). Another, who was a Private First Class (E3) with whom I spent a week living in a Russian Motorized Infantry Battalion teaching public affairs, is now a strapping young Drill Instructor and a Staff Sergeant. And a former Sergeant is now a DA civilian instructor teaching at DINFOS as well. All great people with whom I am proud to have served.

I love this job!


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