Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't do me any favors...

Well, it's moving time again. I just got back from the schoolhouse at Fort Meade. Just a quick thought and will post more later today.

When you're already 2 hours late for something, do you really think you're doing someone a favor by calling them to tell them you're late?

Our movers want to come by for a pre-inspection today. They already missed their pre-inspection day on Saturday by not calling until they were already 90 minutes late. By then I had already left the house to take the kids to see "Cars" (which is really funny by the way).

We rescheduled for today at "noon". Well, it's 2:10 and I just got the call that they are going to be another hour. You know, you'd think that you would make that call either 1- 15 minutes before you're going to be late, or 2- 15 minutes after your time and say it's going to be another few hours.

Gotta run...gotta grab something to eat before they "actually" get here.


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